Jackson Smith

You've arrived at the personal site of Jackson Smith. I'm a college student enrolled at Georgia Tech studying computer engineering. I created this page to show off some of things I've created to potential employers, but I hope that someday it will be fully fleshed out with true wisdom. Feel free to browse some of the projects I've undertaken below.

Laser Cutter

Laser cutters are an awesome category of tools but they're very expensive and also tend to be quite bulky. I'm planning to design and build my own on a budget of $1500 with future plans to add 3D printing and PCB milling, all on the same motion platform.

Light Bar

The Georgia Tech Invention Studio holds an annual secret santa event every year. Naturally, you are expected to build the item that you give. I designed and assembled this novel little light bar over a couple days using scrap material, the Invention Studio's stock of free parts, and extras from my personal parts collection.

Experimental Readout Display

My High School Physics Teacher, Mr. Roberts, holds a special place in my heart. In particular I loved his numerous "demos" where he showed practical examples of various physics phenomena. I decided to build a device that could measure in a large number of different numerical quantities relevant to physics and display them in a way that would make them easily viewable by students.

Watch - Generation 2

Shortly after the completion of the first generation of my homebrew smartwatch I decided to develop a second generation to resolve some of gen 1's faults. In particular I wanted to reduce size and improve durability by placing all components on a custom PCB.

Group Tool

During high school I had a job doing web development work. I decided to build this simple tool to quickly sort a list of students into roughly equal size groups.

Watch - Generation 1

My very first project. Building a hackable smartwatch with battery life exceeding all of the mainstream options at the time